3D Laser Scanning And Probing


Staying on top of our game requires us to stay on top of the latest technology. We offer 3D laser scanning and probing at your place or ours. And, the best part is; we don’t just scan your part and give you point cloud data that you probably cannot use. We scan straight into Solidworks and create a native Solidworks part. We have the hardware, software, and know-how to provide services that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else.


About 3D Laser Scanning

Native Solidworks Parts
  • We have a Romer Absolute arm with integrated Laser scanner (7525Si) for accurately inspecting, measuring, or reverse engineering your products as small as a tiny earing, or as large as an airplane. We can provide this service at our facility or on-site at your facility. We have the space for you to ship us your parts and machines for complete reverse engineering.
    • Measuring range: 2.5m / 8.2 ft (plus we can use “Leap Frog” for unlimited range
    • Point repeatability of +- 0.027mm / 0.0011 in.
    • Volumetric Accuracy +- 0.038mm / 0.0015 in.
    • Scanning System Accuracy .063mm / 0.0025 in
    • Maximum Scanning Point acquisition rate : 460,000 points/sec
  • We have PCDMIS software for the industry standard in inspection, and Dezignworks for the standard in reverse engineering and building 3D models right inside of Solidworks.
  • Inspection and Troubleshooting (Portable CMM)
    • Are you having robot failures due to inconsistencies? Quality Issues? DesignQuest can inspect your parts, racks, or complete machines, at our place or yours.


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