Contract Design

Solidworks, Catia


Behind Schedule? Need design support quickly? Have peaks and valleys in your workload? Understaffed? We can provide trained Solidworks and Catia designers from entry level to advanced/management level. Your software and equipment, or ours. Your place or ours. Let us save you lots of time and money by providing contract designers that are trained and equipped to start contributing immediately.


Do you know how much your true cost is to hire a full-time designer internally? Did you consider the following costs:

  • High powered workstation - $3,000.00 - $5,000.00
  • CAD Software $5000.00 - $25,000 plus yearly subscription fees
  • Office Space, desks, chairs, supplies
  • HR Costs
  • Insurance, Vacation, other benefits
  • Training! If you have to pay your new hire for time plus training, how much is that?
  • And, the biggie… Downtime! If you’re low on work and your employee has nothing to do, it still costs you the same as if they were busy.

So, you can conservatively expect to spend at least 2X their hourly rate, and probably closer to 3X, depending on your benefits package and their downtime and efficiency.



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