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DQ was founded in 2006 by Robert Hughes after recognizing the growing needs for on-demand professional design and manufacturing services. We have been the full-service engineering design and manufacturing partner to Fortune 500 manufacturers and small businesses around the world. Some of our specialties over the last 14 years have been: automotive assembly tooling, automotive returnable packaging, food & beverage machinery, aerospace tooling & fixtures, energy tooling & fixtures, as well as consumer products and inventions.



Unlike many local shops, we are a design engineering firm with machining and fabrication services in-house. We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, giving us an edge when it comes to complex design and manufacturing. Bring us your challenges and let us help you be successful.


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Reconsider investing your valuable assets into finding, managing, and training personnel, and purchasing expensive CAD software and equipment. Instead, let DesignQuest, LLC fill your company’s need for ongoing mechanical design, drafting, and manufacturing. We currently have a staff of designers, machininsts, and fabricators with many years of experience in various industries, including Automotive, tooling, mold making, food & beverage, energy, aerospace, and many more.

Robert Hughes DesignQuest 3D

Robert Hughes

Robert founded Designquest in 2006. He started his career in the tool and die/machinist trade while working his way through high school and engineering school. Robert completed a Toolmaker’s Apprenticeship, which included design (drafting board and CAD), toolmaking, tool & cutter grinding, tool & gage inspection & repair, quality control, maintenance, and tool room operation. Those early years laid the foundation for a true understanding of design and manufacturing. Today, he works in all aspects of the business with a strong focus on the tough designs and manufacturing challenges as well as business development.


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